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AMAZING guided hiking trip with Ales

Ales picked us up from Decin train station, then drove us to the park to start our wonderful hiking trip. Ales was so friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating and super fun to hike with. The hike itself was well worth all the sweat – we started at 100m above sea level and made it up to 400m above sea level, having lots of opportunities to enjoy BREATHTAKING and SPECTACULAR sites along the way. Also took the boat to go upstream, which was super fun. Ales was an AMAZING private guide, providing great explanations of the park, and knew how to motivate us (with food, desserts, appropriately timed breaks AND picking blueberries). The hiking trip was one of the best experiences we had in Prague and Ales played a huge part of it as well. Make sure to book off the day and wear comfortable attire to fully take advantage of the beautiful park! JY

Published on: 21.6.2018  -  Filed under: Reviews