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Pay less, see  everything. Cheaper but faster by train from Prague to National park with local guide. Visiting  famous places in the National Park Bohemian Switzerland. CLOSED after fire: Pravcicka gate (Narnia views) and  Edmund’s gorge (close winter season, in winter see Kamenice Gorges)  or  Kamenice Gorges  or more.  I am flexible and I can […]

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Published on: 21.11.2018  -  Filed under: Guided tours

Wonderful and exciting tour of the most beautiful place is CZ Republic

Matthew – United States Ales’s tour of Bohemian national park and Saxon Switzerland was great. He is a great tour guide and is very knowledgeable about his country. He has a great sense of humor and knows the national parks like the back of his hand. We hiked through just like a local would and […]

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Published on: 27.11.2017  -  Filed under: Reviews

3. den v Českém Švýcarsku – lodičky Obere Schleuse

Třetí den v Českém Švýcarsku si možná  začnete říkat, že to zde nelze všechno za těch pár dní dovolené stihnout. Když to nejde pěšky, zkuste to na kole. Půjčit kolo můžete zde. Nasedněte na kolo v Krásné Lípě a vydejte se směrem na Kyjov (směr Mikulášovice, cyklostezka 3013). Za 15 min zastavíte u hostince Fakulta, […]

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Published on: 1.3.2016  -  Filed under: Výlety

Winter walking tour to Pravcicka Gate

Going to Pravcicka gate in winter has several spells and one significant plus. No one is here (not like in summer, when there is hundreds tourists ), parking in Hrensko or Mezni Louka is free, entrence to gate also. Unfortunatelly entrance to several viewspoint should be close, becouse out of season (open only during weekend […]

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Published on: 18.1.2016  -  Filed under: Výlety

4th day Fairytail watter mill – Dolský mlýn

From the village of Vysoka Lípa go down the stone stairs (after blue trail 1km) to the river Kamenici, where you will discover an old mill. The Dolský mlýn (mill) is cultural monument is so mysterious that it is often chosen by filmmakers to make fairy tales. Once you get the atmosphere and listen to […]

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Published on: 22.3.2015  -  Filed under: Výlety