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Kristinin hrádek – special restaurant to local venison (wild boar, deers,…). Situated quite far away from NP, but if you visit rock Tisa, it is only 5 min by car from there.

Hotel Ostrov – high quality restaurant, offer not only tradition Czech food. Reccomend: Svickova. Huge offer menu of Rum. It is situated close Tisa rocks.

Refugio – nice coffee and restaurant together, very taste vageterian soups and deserts, quite atmoshere. Situated in village Tisa.

U Forta – hight quality food for everyone include vegeterian. Restaurant is situated on main hiking trail between Pravcicka Gate and Edmunds Gorges. During season quite crowded.

Na Stodolci – hight quality food and beer only from local area. Very nice rural design farm. Reccomend: pancakes like a desert and local beer Lisak. You need to use car, it is situated 20 min by car from Hřensko.

Devitka – restaurant with view to golf club resort Janov. Quite place also during season. Reccomend: pork spicy ribs. Situated 5 km from village Hrensko.

Restaurant Praha – traditional czech pub food, it is positive, that this restaurant has got open whole year and it is situated in the middle of NP in village Jetrichovice.

Stara hospoda – traditional czech food with big garden with a lot of wooden statues. Situated in village Doubice.

Pub U Oty – If you like to experience from realy pub local atmoshere and food. Reccomend: boar gulash. Visit cottage pub in Kyjov. East of National park. Close Brniky icewatter falls.

Jedlova – restaurant on the same name of hill Jedlova. Reccommend traditional big dumbling with blueberries. Situated in The Lusatian Mountains.

Coffee house

Coffee and Book – Love coffee and design, reccommend visit this coffee close under castle Decin.

Mezi Domy – Like to try traditional czech soup or desert? Nice design place only 1 minute by walk from Decin train station.

Kavarna Atelier – Love coffee, modern art and family atmosphere. Visit this coffee in town Krasna Lipa, close the main square. Reccomend: Tiramisu


Falkenstejn – nice new modern brewery and restaurant situated in town Krasna Lipa. Many kind of beers specialities. Good czech pub food.

Nomad – small brewery under the castle in town Decin. Reccomend: tasting beer plate

Brewery Helene – traditiona czech cousine with typical smell 🙂 Small brewery situated in village Kytlice.

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