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Lusatian Mountains

Lusatian Mountains (Lausitzer Gebirge) is a mountain range in the north of the Czech Republic, defined in the direction from the west by the Děčín Highlands and the Ještěd ridge to the east.

The main ridge of the Lusatian Mountains – the Lusatian ridge – runs south of the Lusatian disorder from the Upper Saddle hill. It is made up of individual mounds and tracheal, rarely basalt clusters connected to a distinct ridge.

The highest hill is Luž (Lausche)  – 792,9 m.n.m. Celkem deset hor přesahuje hranici 700 m.n.m. Kromě Luže to jsou Pěnkavčí vrch – 792,0 m.n.m., Jedlová – 774,2 m.n. m., Klíč – 759,4 m.n.m., Hvozd (Hochwald) – 749 m.n.m., Studenec – 736,5 m.n.m., Velký Buk – 735,5 m.n.m., Malý Buk – 712,4 m.n.m., Weberberg – 710,7 m.n.m. a Bouřný – 702,5 m.n.m.