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2й день в Чешской Швейцарии

Что делать на следующий день в Чешской Швейцарии? Посмотрите со стен Jetrichovice и спуститесь на самокате.

Starting from Jetřichovice Maria’s Rock with a viewpoint (428 м) ). Вертикальное снижение от Jetrichovice составляет 200 м. The big old sanatorium is only going to show you how wasthe Czechoslovakia stong before the 2nd World War. After we follow the sand path dotted with stairs and up between the stones. In 30 minutes we can see the summit. “Maryis above us. The view can be overcome with children, the way up the steep iron stairs (about 5 мне). The views are definitely worth it.

Continue along the red trail through Vilemina Lookout Point to the fork at Purkartická Road, where we go towards the hunting lodges на Tokání (2 km by yellow trail). At the restaurant Na Tokáni (it is also open outside the season, more: www.tokan.cz) you can rent a scooter and comfortably drive to the information center Saula, в Doubice or back to Jetrichovice.

Наконечник: Absolute with kids. Younger children can ride a scooter with you.

4 km walk

6 km on a scooter

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