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Food and drink


Kristinin hrádekspecial restaurant to local venison (wild boar, deers,…). Situated quite far away from NP, but if you visit rock Tisa, it is only 5 min by car from there.

Hotel Ostrovhigh quality restaurant, offer not only tradition Czech food. Reccomend: Svickova. Huge offer menu of Rum. It is situated close Tisa rocks.

Refugionice coffee and restaurant together, very taste vageterian soups and deserts, quite atmoshere. Situated in village Tisa.

U Fortahight quality food for everyone include vegeterian. Restaurant is situated on main hiking trail between Pravcicka Gate and Edmunds Gorges. During season quite crowded.

Na Stodolcihight quality food and beer only from local area. Very nice rural design farm. Reccomend: pancakes like a desert and local beer Lisak. You need to use car, it is situated 20 min by car from Hřensko.

Devitkarestaurant with view to golf club resort Генуя. Quite place also during season. Reccomend: pork spicy ribs. Situated 5 km from village Hrensko.

Restaurant Prahatraditional czech pub food, it is positive, that this restaurant has got open whole year and it is situated in the middle of NP in village Jetřichovice.

Stara hospodatraditional czech food with big garden with a lot of wooden statues. Situated in village Doubice.

Pub U OtyIf you like to experience from realy pub local atmoshere and food. Reccomend: boar gulash. Visit cottage pub in Kyjov. East of National park. Close Brniky icewatter falls.

Jedlovarestaurant on the same name of hill Jedlova. Reccommend traditional big dumbling with blueberries. Situated in The Lusatian Mountains.

Coffee house

Coffee and BookLove coffee and design, reccommend visit this coffee close under castle Decin.

Mezi DomyLike to try traditional czech soup or desert? Nice design place only 1 minute by walk from Decin train station.

Kavarna AtelierLove coffee, modern art and family atmosphere. Visit this coffee in town Krasna Lipa, close the main square. Reccomend: Tiramisu


Falkenstejnnice new modern brewery and restaurant situated in town Красна Липа. Many kind of beers specialities. Good czech pub food.

Nomadsmall brewery under the castle in town Decin. Reccomend: tasting beer plate

Brewery Helenetraditiona czech cousine with typical smell 🙂 Small brewery situated in village Kytlice.

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